Equipped with Solutions

Focused on Results

We are owned and operated by knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated veterans. Experts at developing and distributing products, optimizing operations and providing defense services and training, we aim to deliver solutions that guarantee results. We are uniquely equipped and fully prepared to handle the most demanding of tactical and commercial operations.

We offer our clientele high-performance ammunition, weapons and equipment from leading brands. Bottom line: By choosing Texas Armament & Technology, our clients are ensured success in their company goals.

We maintain U.S. State Department registrant status as a manufacturer, exporter and broker of controlled articles. We are registered with the U.S. Central Contracting Registry and various federal, state and local government agencies. We also hold a federal firearm license that enables us to transfer, import and export weapons and munitions.

Loose bullets

Texas Armament & Technology Values


It's shared through our company and shaped by our culture of accountability and respect.


It’s gained through years of military, police, business operations and financial experience.


It's cultivated by our dedication and loyalty to our customers and our partners, our team and our country.


It's formed through international private and public sector alliances that focus on offering our customers the best products and services available.

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